Emergency Information
Emergency Information
Emergency call to police 110
Fire, ambulance, rescue 119
Daishoji Police Station Tel:72-0670
Kaga City Fire Headquarters Tel:72-0119
Inquiries about emergency medical service Tel:73-2299 (In the Fire Headquarters)
Kaga City Hall Tel:72-1111
Kaga Municipal Hospital Tel:72-2100
Yamanaka-onsen Medical Center Tel:78-0301

To report a fire or call an ambulance,
Dial 119 on either a regular phone or a mobile phone.

How to call 119
Please speak calmly.

  1. Tell us if you are reporting a fire or calling an ambulance.
    Please say "Fire" or "Ambulance" clearly.
  2. State the location.
    Please state the address correctly and precisely, or explain the location in detail in relation to a landmark or nearby shops.
  3. State the situation or symptoms.
    Please state the situation or symptoms precisely.
    Please say your name and telephone number:
    "My name is " **** ". My phone number is  "**-**** "".
    (If you are calling on a mobile phone, please say so.)

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