Profile of Kaga City
Profile of Kaga City
Kaga City, located in southern Ishikawa Prefecture in the Hokuriku region, has a population of 80,000. It is a place of scenic beauty blessed with a distinctive coastline and abundant greenery, where typically Japanese seasonal changes can be enjoyed. In the Edo period, the city flourished as the castle town of the Daishoji clan, where distinctively Japanese cultural pursuits such as the tea ceremony, which express a taste for simplicity and quietude, and traditional crafts such as Kutani ceramic ware and Yamanaka lacquerware have developed to a high cultural and artistic level. There are three hot spring areas, each with a different atmosphere to enjoy.
Area : 305.99 km2
Length of coasline : 16.5km
Crest of Kaga City
Crest of Kaga City K, the first letter of Kaga, is used as the basic design, along an image of springing hot water symbolizing a leap into the future. The crest consists of three figures: the blue one symbolizes the Sea of Japan, the green one nature and the yellow one hot springs. The crest holds a wish for Kaga citizens to care about and support one another.