Guide to Living in Kaga
Kaga City Hall (Tel: 72-1111)
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Taxes and Fees Details
Kokumin Nenkin: National Pension Details
National Health Insurance and Elderly Medical Care Details
Child-raising and Child Welfare Details
Healthcare Details
Welfare Benefits/ Welfare for the Disabled Details
Care Insurance / Elderly Welfare Details
Living Environment Details
Water/ Sewerage Service Details
Management of Roads/ Parks Details
Buildings/ Housing Details
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Culture / Lifelong Learning Details
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City Renovation Details
Gender Equality Details
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City Assembly Details
Yamanaka-onsen Branch City Office(Tel:78-1111)
Renovation and Industry promotion of Yamanaka-onsen Area Details
Registration/ Certificates/ Consultation Details
Roads/ Water service and sewerage/ Snow removal/ disposal Details
Fire Defense Facilities
Fire Defense Facilities Details
Environmental Facilities
Environmental Facilities Details
Healthcare Centers / Hospitals
Healthcare Centers / Hospitals Details