Guide to Living in Kaga
Kaga City Hall (Tel: 72-1111)
Registration and Certificates
City Hall main building: Resident Service Division  
Certificate Tel:72-7881
Application Tel:72-7880
Yamanaka-onsen branch city office: Resident Service Division Tel:78-4172
Yamashiro local city office Tel:77-0360
Katayamazu local city office Tel:74-0047
Iburihashi local city office Tel:74-6571
Hashitate local city office Tel:72-7062
  • Resident registration: initial registration and application to change registered items
  • Permission for burial and cremation, permission to use a municipal crematorium
  • Name-stamp registration and issue of a name-stamp registration certificate
  • Issue of various certificates (incl. certificate of tax payment)
  • Receipt of various applications and consultation service
  • Registration of motorized bicycles and small-sized special motor vehicles (In the case of applications received at a local office, license plates shall be issued on the day following the day of application.)
  • Application for municipal housing
  • Issue of motor vehicle temporary license plate (issued only at the main office)
  • Issue of seaman's certificate(issued only at the main office)
Taxes and Fees
City Hall main building: Tax and Fee Division
Tax System Tel:72-7814
  • Issue of certificates of light motor vehicle tax and matters related to tax
Resident Tax Tel:72-7815
  • Municipal and prefectural resident tax for individuals and corporate resident tax, National Health Insurance premium
Fixed Property Tax Tel:72-7816
  • Fixed property tax
Fees Tel:72-7945
  • Nursing care insurance premiums and nursery school fees, municipal housing rent, water and sewerage bills, contributions by beneficiaries of water supply and sewerage, start or stop of water supply and sewerage service
Kokumin Nenkin: National Pension
City Hall main building: Welfare and Insurance Division:
Insurance and Pension Section Tel:72-7861
  • Procedure for enrollment in National Pension Plan
  • Consultation service on National Pension
National Health Insurance and Elderly Medical Care
City Hall main building: Welfare and Insurance Division
Insurance and Pension Section Tel:72-7860
  • Procedure for enrollment in National Health Insurance
  • Insurance payment
    Lump sum for childbirth and child-raising / funeral expenses / high-cost medical expenses / medical treatment costs / traffic accident, etc.
  • Elderly medical care
  • Application for elderly medical care
Child-raising and Child Welfare
City Hall main building: Child Division
Children and Families Section Tel:72-7856
Child-raising Section Tel:72-7855
  • Enrollment procedure for nursery schools and kindergartens
  • Children's after-school clubs
  • Children's centers
  • Application for child allowance
  • Application for child-raising allowance
  • Application for medical expense subsidies for infants
  • Application for medical expense subsidies for single-parent households
Kaga Citizens' Hall
Health Division
Health Promotion Section Tel:72-7865
Maternal and Child Healthcare Section Tel:72-7866
  • Elderly healthcare
    Issue of elderly health handbook / Health education / Health consultation / Health examination / Cancer examination / Rehabilitation / Home guidance
  • Maternal and child healthcare
    Issue of maternal and child health handbook / Home guidance for newborn babies / Health examination of pregnant women and babies / Consultation for child-raising / Parenting classes, etc.
  • Vaccination
  • "Healthy Kaga 21" program
  • Nutrition improvement
  • Management of "Iki-iki Land Kaga" sports facility
  • Emergency medical care system
    Holiday/night emergency clinics open
Welfare Benefits/ Welfare for the Disabled
City Hall main building: Welfare and Insurance Division
Welfare Benefits Section Tel:72-7851
Support for the Disabled Section Tel:72-7852
  • Application for welfare benefits
  • Welfare for the Disabled
    Application for the welfare system for the disabled / Issue of health handbooks for the physically disabled / Issue of health handbooks for people with mental retardation / Issue of health handbooks for the mentally disabled etc.
Care Insurance / Elderly Welfare
Kaga Citizens' Hall: Care Insurance Section
Kaga City Home-care Support Center
  • Registration for nursing-care insurance
  • Application for care need level recognition
  • Application for care insurance nursing service
  • Elderly welfare
Living Environment
City Hall annex: Environmental Safety Division
Living Environment Section Tel:72-7885
Health and Safety Section Tel:72-7890
  • How to dispose of and separate garbage, etc.
  • Waste disposal
  • Registration of dogs / rabies shots
  • Complaints about environmental pollution / living environment
  • Cemeteries
Water/ Sewerage Service
City Hall annex: Water and Sewerage Service Division
Water Service Section Tel:72-7950
Sewerage Service Section Tel:72-7955
  • Inquiries about water service
  • Application for water supply works
  • Inquiries about sewerage service
  • Application for sewerage works
Management of Roads/ Parks
City Hall annex: Management Division
Management Section Tel:72-7931
  • Management of roads, parks and green areas
  • Occupancy of roads and parks
  • Flood prevention and snow removal/disposal
Buildings/ Housing
City Hall annex: Management Division
Building Section Tel:72-7935
  • Application for authorization of building construction
  • Application for municipal housing
City Planning/ Road Construction
City Hall annex: Construction Division
Road Construction Section Tel:72-7930
City Planning Section Tel:72-7925
Cadastral Survey Section Tel:72-7923
  • General city planning
  • Construction of roads, parks, etc.
  • Land use planning and land development
  • Cadastral survey
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery
City Hall annex: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Division
  • Promotion of agriculture, forestry, livestock raising and fishery
  • Use of land for agricultural development
  • Construction of farm roads and forest roads
  • Construction of public facilities in agricultural and mountain villages
  • Extermination of harmful birds and animals
  • Registration, permission and consultation about farms
Commerce and Industry / Labor / Tourism
City Hall annex: Tourism, Commerce and Industry Division
Tourism, Commerce and Industry Section Tel:72-7900
  • Promotion of commerce and industry
  • Promotion of tourism
Kaga Citizens' Hall, Education General Affairs Division
Kaga Citizens' Hall, School Guidance Division
  • Procedure to enter or transfer to elementary or junior high schools
  • School entrance subsidies
  • Scholarships
  • Support for long-distance commuting
  • Management and construction of schools and educational facilities
  • Excavation, examination and preservation of cultural properties
City Hall main building: Municipal Policy Division
Municipal Policy Section Tel:72-7830
  • Administration of polling stations
  • Advance polling
Traffic/ Security
City Hall annex: Environmental Security Division
Security and Traffic Section Tel:72-7891
  • Traffic safety
  • Security
  • Consumer consultation
Daishoji police station Tel:72-0670
Yamanaka police box Tel:78-0049
Yamashiro police box Tel:76-0205
Katayamazu police box Tel:74-0009
Kaga-onsen Station police box Tel:72-1919
Iburihashi police substation Tel:74-1571
Hashitate police substation Tel:75-2407
Kumasaka police substation Tel:73-1419
Shioya police substation Tel:73-8100
Nakada police substation Tel:78-4374
Chokushi police substation Tel:76-4019
Shinohara police substation Tel:74-4069
Shibayama police substation Tel:74-8782
Daishoji checkpoint Tel:72-2705
Fire Defense
To report a fire or call an ambulance:Dial 119 on either a regular phone or a mobile phone.
•Mobile phone calls will be transferred through Komatsu City Fire Department.
Telephone information on fires Tel:73-1414
Telephone information on hospitals Tel:73-2299
  • Fire, emergency and rescue
  • Information and inquiries about fires and hospitals
  • Fire prevention
  • Guidance, consultation and notification for fire prevention
  • Restriction of and guidance on hazardous materials
  • Certification and approval of buildings
  • Issue of certificate of disaster affliction
  • Guidance for volunteer disaster-prevention organizations
  • Diffusion of first aid information
  • Volunteer firefighters
Fire headquarters Tel:72-0119
Fire station Tel:72-0119
Daishoji branch station Tel:73-0119
Yamashiro branch station Tel:77-0119
Katayamazu branch station Tel:74-0119
Yamanaka branch station Tel:78-0225
Culture / Lifelong Learning
City Hall annex: City Renovation Division
Culture Promotion Section Tel:72-7888
Lifelong Learning Section Tel:72-7980
Central Library Tel:73-0888
Yamanaka Library Tel:78-4441
Kaga Gymnasium, Sport Promotion Section
City Renovation
City Hall annex: City Renovation Division
City Renovation Section Tel:72-7835
  • Resident autonomy, administrative district and authorization of block associations
  • Construction of facilities for block meetings
  • International friendship and exchanges
Gender Equality
City Hall annex: City Renovation Division
Gender Equality Section Tel:72-7836
  • Complaints and consultation about gender equality
Publication / Public Hearings
City Hall main building: Municipal Policy Division
Publication and Statistics Section Tel:72-7802
  • Publication
  • Issue of bulletins
  • Public hearings
City Assembly
City Hall main building: Secretariat of City Assembly
  • Regular sessions and extraordinary sessions
  • Observation of meetings